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  • Space Expedition Year 12 (& 13)

    When I started the new year, I found myself surrounded by lots of unknown creatures. There was a big map update, and while there weren’t any new technologies or ruins in this update, I was more excited than ever to walk around and find all the new things. The first new mob I encountered was the frog, and they were extremely annoying to chase around. I killed a couple of them anyway; couldn’t hurt to collect a few of their drops after all.



    Within the first day, I found a snail, as well as a few bluebirds and a handful of bees. Pretty soon, I detected one of the new bee hives. Since the bees’ drops don’t have a real use quite yet, I just stayed long enough to punch a couple of them, before I left to look for more new faces.



    After flying around for a little while, I found my next target in the big crater. The bony biters looked pretty funky, but despite my armor, their teeth had the potential to actually hurt a little. Nothing too dangerous, but I wouldn’t want to get caught off guard by a bunch of these guys.



    After a while, it seemed like I had seen all Spring creatures, so I went to check out some places I had pretty much ignored these past couple years. I made my way over to the smaller asteroids, and the first one I took a closer look at was actually more interesting than I had imagined. There were some zombies armed with mushrooms and shields, and before I knew it, I went home with some nice new shields in my pocket. On their own, they were worse than the one I had, but the enchants were more than worth bringing home in order to combine them with the special effect on my shield.



    On my way home, I found out that I had actually not seen all Spring creatures just yet. In the middle of the extreme hills next to my base, there was a weird tree trunk chilling out. When I got closer, it started hopping my way, following me all the way to my base. A really weird looking creature, but it was kind of fun to watch it jump down cliffs in order to follow me home like a little puppy. I was determined to keep one as a pet, but three of them died in mysterious circumstances near where I wanted to keep them, and Summer started before I could go look for a fourth one. Not that they would’ve survived for very long, since I was told later that currently, giving them a name doesn’t prevent despawning…



    Summer brought a whole new set of creatures. The first ones I found were a bunch of turtles who had somehow managed to share this tiny little pond despite nutrients seeming to be quite sparse. That was pretty impressive!



    Since Summer has a lot more daylight than night time, I decided to check out a few caves. I met this little guy who was half buried in the sandstone. His red eyes looked rather scary, but his bite wasn’t all that bad after all.



    My first Summer night was absolutely horrible. I probably ended up in an area without any nearby caves, so there were lots of mobs spawning. I found the new design for the fire ant, the new magma slime queen, the new zombie pony rider, and tons of husks and skeletons. The ponies were so fast that it took me a while to put enough distance between us to pillar up while staying out of range of the skeletons. Ironically enough, it was an unexplained huge lag spike that saved me. The mobs were just standing still for a long time, giving me a chance to hop off my pillar and simply run away.



    When I returned home after that stressful night, I found out that even my dogs were plotting against me. They were sitting in a tight circle, heads put together. As soon as I took a picture of the scene, they all immediately turned their heads toward me. Now I couldn’t even feel safe in my own home anymore! I really hope that an escape plan was the worst of the ideas crossing their minds.



    The rest of Summer was pretty boring. The next couple nights weren’t nearly as bad as the first, and the most interesting new creature I added to my list of discoveries was the seagull. So I was pretty excited when I saw the message that the weather was changing. There were more new animals to find! Immediately when I left my base, I saw my first sparrow.



    Another creature I met pretty soon was the ash sprite, a distant relative of the wood sprite. Frogs and snails made a reappearance, and eventually I returned to my base to empty my pockets. Right next to my base, I must have triggered a trap skeleton horse, since shortly after I started sorting my items into chests, the entity count in my debug screen rose extremely fast. By the time I found the bugged rider as the source, there were over 2500 ash sprites, sparrows, and flinty biters (the fall and winter cousin of the bony biter), so Dan quickly developed a new way to prevent this bug from happening ever again. No matter how hilarious the scenes look, I doubt that too many players would be too thrilled to be on the receiving end of this bug :)



    I found a few flinties in the extreme hills later to officially add them to my list of discovered creatures. Since I couldn’t find anything new during the next few days, I started flying around a bit more to expand the range of blocks mobs could be spawning on. That actually led to some cool discoveries of locations I had missed so far, like this cute little greenhouse sort of ruin!



    Not long after I left the greenhouse area, I discovered yet another ruin. When I started exploring this one, I triggered a tripwire and went into panic mode for a bit, but I quickly realized that the dispensers triggered by that tripwire were empty. The trap was probably exhausted by curious animals a long time ago. Those animals didn’t manage to take off with the loot though, that was all mine!



    For the rest of the season, I decided to do something a little more productive. I realized that I had plenty of industrial diamond to craft a block breaker module, so I created one of those and headed over to the mossy caverns. I checked out the big entrance area first, curious to see if I would find any more creatures. For the most part, it was all old mobs though, but there were a couple flinties that weren’t too thrilled to see me.



    A little disappointed by not seeing new faces, I went into the adjacent ruin to do what I came for. I wanted to see if I could break into the bedrock box behind the husk baron’s throne, and I was rewarded for my efforts with lots and lots of valuable materials and a shield that improved my armor even more than the one I had! I left the place feeling anything but disappointed; I was actually rather glad that I had a second one of those enchanted shields that I could combine with my new treasure.



    Winter started soon and brought with it the last set of new creatures. Two of those creatures were discovered as soon as I left my base, the crab and the karp. The karp was pretty much the same as the regular fish that can spawn during Spring and Summer, providing the same sort of loot, and they were as harmless as their cousins. The crab on the other hand pinched my toes a few times I got too close to them. But they were still so adorable that I just couldn’t stay mad at them for very long!



    I headed over to the crater once again since it seemed to be a good spot for mobs to spawn. My favorite new creature is one I found over there, the poltergeist with torches floating around it, which, thanks to OptiFine, caused some really cool lighting effects.



    Another really cool creature was the ender sprite, the only sprite in the game that will actively try to kill players. I think I’ve seen it fly through walls, and sometimes they attacked me out of the blue when I wasn’t even aware there was one around even though I was keeping a close eye on my surroundings. During Winter, that sort of thing can be really annoying, I for one was pretty glad that I had a full beacon with regeneration.



    The flinty was also still there, and their mob mentality started to get really dangerous during this season. Their bite really hurt, even with decent armor, so when there were a couple of them coming for me, the only way I could guarantee my survival was to run for my life, preferably without running into other dangerous creatures along the way.



    Not all flinties were bad though. One little fellow just wanted to cuddle with my feet and followed me everywhere without attacking unless I attacked it first. It was almost cute! At least it was until it invited a friend over who also wanted to cuddle, at which point it just became creepy and I killed them.



    For the last few days of the year, I decided to head over to the flooded library again to see what I missed over there. I was pretty confident that there was still something in the area, since last time all the guardians distracted me too much. I wasn’t disappointed, I did find an amazing unique item! I immediately brought it back home to keep it safe, since dying out in the wilderness during Winter wasn’t all that unlikely, and knowing my luck, I would’ve lost all my stuff. Better to not take that risk.



    Winter ended, but I was pretty sure that I was still missing one particular creature. Since I wanted to do some AFK fishing at some point in the near future anyway, I decided to do it in my 13th year and just go out occasionally to look for the elusive shroud. In late Spring after my first AFK session, I left my base to find the waters outside invaded by a ton of frogs. The game had collected roughly 800 entities throughout the first couple days of fishing, which Dan took as a hint that the current spawn system needs some tweaking to avoid situations like these in the future, or at least reduce the impact a bit.



    Summer brought a similar shower of turtles. Thankfully, these masses were easy enough to despawn by just flying up a hundred blocks, and they didn’t even lag my game as much as I would have expected from the entity count since most of the entities didn’t require any rendering.

    The interesting season of my 13th year, however, was Fall. Fall was the time when I found my first shroud. And with a witch and a cave spider close by, it almost even managed to kill me; that axe was as painful as one would think! Definitely not a mob for hugging, unlike the flinty who at least sometimes wasn’t out to murder me…



    The rest of the year was literally just more fishing and testing a few things for the Beta release this Friday. I’m definitely looking forward to that update, I can’t wait to see more people enjoy this map! 😀

  • Space Expedition Year 11

    At the end of the 10th year, I started exploring the mushroom cavern on the main asteroid a bit, but couldn’t finish before Spring. So my first course of action in my 11th year was to go back down, and light up the rest of the area to see if there was anything new around there. I didn’t find anything too interesting, but the area was still looking as amazing as ever, and I did get some resources out of the trip, so still absolutely worth it!



    When I returned to the surface, I was surprised by a seemingly new creature. The biosuit didn’t have anything to say when I got near it though, so it was probably just a zombie dressing up as a peaceful creature, trying to camouflage well enough to take me down. It did fool me for a second, but even so I immediately knew it was a hostile creature, so I was still prepared to just kill it. Tough luck, zombie!



    At the start of Summer, I went flying around a bit more, trying to find interesting areas that I had missed previously. I found one well hidden in a swamp. The main structure was incredibly well hidden in the shadows, and the broken down pathway was pretty easy to miss if I wasn’t looking from the right spot.



    The hut turned out to be the entrance to a bigger underground area. I was prepared to take on a specific boss that I knew about but had never actually encountered myself yet, the witch type sorcerer boss. During the fight, I got the feeling that I was a little overgeared for that encounter; maybe I should’ve waited for Fall to make things more interesting. Anyway, I got some nice loot as a reward (including a shulker shell) and made notes of the symbols on the walls for future reference. Their meaning won’t be important until later, so while I had a pretty good idea what it meant, there was no reason to check if I was right yet.

    For most of the rest of Summer, I flew around the edges of the asteroids a bit more, checking for interesting cave entrances. I didn’t really think I’d find anything, and I was just about to give up for the day when I stumbled over a cave with an awful lot of water in it. That one clearly needed some checking out.



    I was expecting to find some sort of elder guardian boss, but the only enemies I encountered while swimming around the lake before entering the structure were the regular guardians spawning in as Fall began. There was no boss inside the ruin either, but there were many guardian spawners in an isolated lake area that were really testing my evasion skills. Trying to destroy a spawner with 10 guardians all around me turned out to be a bigger challenge than just a boss would’ve been, so I wasn’t too sad about this place not having a big one to guard the loot.

    I left the cave lake without further issues, and after storing the loot in my base, I flew off again. In my game with PureSp1r1t, we had come across a volcano that I had seen, but never really investigated, so I wanted to see if there was more to this volcano than just a bunch of lava.



    I dug down next to the volcano, trying my best not to fall into lava while I was going down. Eventually, I ended up in a cave that was covered in lava and magma blocks, with a giant magma cube guarding the cave. Unfortunately, the magma cube loved the lava too much and took too long to get out of it, so I grew impatient and just killed it where it was. It probably dropped some awesome loot that I will never get to see since it immediately burned up :(

    Boss gone, it was time to get rid of the lava to see if there was anything interesting to find. I didn’t get to take a look at the entire floor since Winter had come, making it a very bad idea to play with lava, but apart from some shulker boxes outside the main lava area, the most valuable thing I uncovered was some incredibly heat-resistant grass. I figured that it was probably safe to say that there were no more interesting chests nearby, so I probably won’t return to the place any time soon.



    This year, I decided to spend the Winter doing something inherently uninteresting: AFK fishing. I was hoping to get a Mending book or two, but I was out of luck and didn’t get a single useful enchanted book. I may do a whole year’s worth of AFK fishing next and just skip that entry, but that probably depends on my mood :) If I do, I sure hope I have some better luck with books than I had this Winter!

  • Space Expedition Year 10

    My 10th year started with a big map update that included a huge replacement of terrain. I could mark a few areas that I wanted to keep, but the rest of the landscape got reset to day 1 standards, which meant that all the destroyed and burnt forest areas came back to life! Let’s see how long I can keep it that way.



    Since the update was the dungeons and ruins update, my plans for this year were for the most part set in stone. I already knew quite a lot of places that were going to become dungeons or at least get a work-over, so I stopped by them one by one and investigated them for new features. My first targets were the abandoned village, the obsidian structures and the ice maze, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. I got to kill my first dungeon boss, lit up a few custom spawners, and got quite a bit of loot!





    While flying around, I detected a place that definitely wasn’t there during my previous years yet. I didn’t find anything too special, but a little loot crate and just a nice place to look at were still enough to get me excited for more exploration. There could be more completely new structures out there after all!



    So I just flew around looking for notable changes for a little while. I didn’t find too many, but I did find an animal I hadn’t encountered before: llamas! Since they didn’t really offer anything that I needed, I decided to leave them be for now, but it’s still nice to know they’re out there if I ever change my mind.



    At this point, it was already Summer. I was at my base when the first meteor shower hit, and this time I got to the surface quickly enough to see where all the magma cubes that had overrun my base last year had come from: The magma cubes seemed to like the explosive force of my shield’s defensive system meeting high velocity meteors so much, that they just popped right into existence.

    I actually witnessed this on two different occasions this year, so I made sure to tell the shield’s creator about this anomaly so he can find a way to avoid it in the future. Spoiler alert, he’s confident that he’ll be able to do that :)



    I decided to take a little break from all the exploring and work on my plans for the villager area a bit more. My new project was to make that greedy butcher a bit more lucrative for me, so I started some preparations for a pig farm. Finding the pigs was pretty much the easy part, especially after most of the map getting reset and mobs that had previously died being brought back to life. The hard part was getting a decent number of them and making sure that my breeder layout even worked, so I spent quite a few days working on that.



    After I got the urge to build out of my system, I went back to exploring. It was Fall now, so I felt confident that I could start exploring the big forest without burning the whole thing to the ground again. I decided to go in from the treetops this time around, making it a little easier to get around without getting lost while allowing me to get a rough idea of where to find spawners and loot chests. And spawners and loot chests I did find, and I gladly went home with a few more shulker boxes in my inventory. I definitely deserved them, those spiders in the forest were mean, especially the poisonous ones!



    When I returned home, I realized that my beacon base was only missing a few more blocks to complete level 3. I gathered all my supplies, I even placed all my diamond ores to mine them with my fortune pick, I stole a few more easily accessible blocks from the fourth layer, and finally I had enough to activate the Strength effect. One of the more important effects, finally unlocked! And the fourth layer isn’t missing all that many blocks either, so I’ll hopefully get the full beacon in another year or two.



    While I was getting ready to explore my next ruin, Fall turned to Winter. Some might say that exploring dangerous places during Winter is a very bad idea, but for me, it just meant that I had to be extra careful not to get hit; I was still very much intending to explore ruins. This time, I explored the stone labyrinth, killed the local boss, the husk baron, and found a shield that brought me up to 9 armor instead of the 8 I had without it! That shield alone was totally worth the trip, the rest of the loot just made it so much sweeter.



    Surprisingly enough, most of that exploration trip went without any issues. I didn’t die, I only got hit 3 or 4 times total, pretty much everything went almost perfectly – until I went into a hole to search for a chest, wanted to use my elytra to fly back out – and placed down the remote instead of using a firework. So once I left the dungeon, I had to walk all the way home, and even build a new bridge to achieve that, with tons of awesome stuff on me, in the middle of Winter. I barely remembered how I could possibly have survived all those years without my elytra, it was absolutely horrible!

    But I did get back home safely, and soon enough, I had crafted a new remote and could head out to explore again. My next target was the underground lake with the sea lanterns and mushrooms. Since I only had 2 days of Winter left, I couldn’t explore all of the cave, but I did find a type of spider that I’d never seen before.



    Sadly, I found way too many of them. I got killed once and had to retreat because of a lack of healing items the second time. At that point, I only had about half a day left to go back down, so I spent the remainder of the year doing some more fishing instead. I’ll have to go back to exploring the cave first thing next Spring! Although it’ll probably feel a little boring with natural health regeneration turned back on and the difficulty set to easy, but that’s a sacrifice I’ll have to make for the sake of progress 😉

  • Space Expedition Year 9

    After ending the last year in the middle of building a melon and pumpkin farm, I sat down at the start of my 9th year and thought about ways to make the observer blocks work with the other redstone components. I didn’t find any way to get repeaters or redstone torches to react, so I decided to go for the slightly more expensive option of doubling up my use of observers and pistons and leave out pretty much all other redstone, since that sort of design was pretty compact, and actually functional.

    That project finished, I started my yearly Spring exploration trip. I didn’t find a lot of new areas, but I really loved this weird looking crater with blocks floating around here and there. Well… I wasn’t too fond of all the baby zombies swarming me. Without night vision this place was pretty dark even during the day.



    The rest of Spring was pretty boring. Some farming, some villager trading, the occasional cow breeding session… It was only when Summer came around that I changed my priorities a bit. I wanted to build more shield generators, so hunting more fireflies definitely made in onto that priority list. Throughout the Summer I got enough blaze powder to make a third generator, but I decided to wait with building it until I know exactly where I will use it. I already have an idea, but that idea will have to wait until after the next update. Dan’s working so hard already, no need to make his life even harder by having him copy over more stuff into the new landscape design 😀



    Another project I started this Summer was rebuilding my murder hole’s staircase. All that cobblestone just looked so ugly, and having the thing be 2 blocks wide sounded like a good idea, too. The corners look a bit weird in some places now, but the only way to change that would be to set the stairs back a bit, which would mean a whole lot more work the further down it went. So I’ll just live with the corners looking off, it still looks so much better than it did before after all!

    At the end of Summer, I built an automatic fishing farm. Yes, it took me over 8 years to build a fishing farm. And once it was finished, I had no idea why I had never bothered to make one – they’re so easy to build, and they’re a nice way to get certain items. The first day of fishing, I didn’t bother to enchant my fishing rods since I figured that drop rates would be decent enough to get me better ones soon. And I was right, 2 unenchanted rods and one fished up low durability enchanted rod later, I could make the perfect fishing rod. Now I just had to do another small AFK session to repair it.



    This year, my villager breeder produced another librarian. Until I unlocked his second book trade, I had no idea that villagers would sell cursed books, but there was no way I would ever pay over half a stack of emeralds for an enchant that would delete the enchanted item the next time I died! These villagers were clearly trying to rip me off. After all I’ve done for them!



    Winter was another season of killing stuff. For a pretty long time, I was highly disappointed with the spawn rates this season. Sometimes I had to cover several dozen blocks’ worth of distance just to find a single spider, but eventually I hit the jackpot and detected a white walker king. I killed him with no problems, but I didn’t get anything for my effort :(



    At this point though, I had a pretty good idea about the spawning rules of the white walker kings. I’m not gonna spoil the details here, let’s just say that I had all I needed to spawn them one or two at a time to farm some of their drops in a safe environment. I was a little sad that their bows didn’t come with both Mending and Infinity, but then again, that would probably be a little too much what with how easy it is to farm them. I did get a few really rare items I’d never seen before though, so it was still worth the effort, even though most of the drops went into my disenchanter and/or recycler.

    At some point during my king farming session, something weird must’ve happened. The next time I left my base, I discovered that my beacon beams were gone – as were the beacons themselves. All three of them. Nothing else was missing, just the beacons.



    If anyone has any ideas for how my beacons could’ve disappeared, all three of them without anything else breaking, please tell me. Endermen can’t pick them up (and even then it would be highly unlikely for them to grab all three of them within such a short amount of time), and while beacons can be destroyed by meteors, there’s a reason why I built it right next to a shield generator. There’s no way it’s out of range! For now, I cheated them back in. If anyone can come up with a way they would’ve gotten deleted that doesn’t imply something bugging out, I can always come back and delete them again. I don’t have a problem with having to do things over again because of me being careless, but I simply refuse to lose such valuable items to bugs. I hope that’s understandable :)

    Since the next map update’s getting close now, I probably won’t be playing until it hits. So the next year will probably be about a lot of exploration. I’m looking forward to it!

  • Space Expedition Year 8

    I started my 8th year with some more exploration. The last update had added new potions, and I was pretty confident I knew where to get ingredients for at least two of them. And while I was flying around, I detected an asteroid I must’ve missed all this time. Interesting life forms were living there, but unfortunately I couldn’t bring them home with me quite yet. Maybe I’ll build some bridges in a couple of years. I did gather a few pieces of mycelium though, so at least I got something out of the discovery.



    I continued on to my target area and brought home the first batch of likely candidates for potion ingredients shortly after. I grabbed some water bottles and headed over to my ship to confirm my suspicions. Cacti make for great potions! Unless you want to drink them yourself, that is. Drinking them is definitely not advised.

    I had one more place to check out, but while flying close to my intended target location, I noticed that one of the asteroids had a mineshaft that was visible from the side. Since the asteroid in question looked like it had huge amounts of gold, and one of my plans for this year was to build up my beacon a bit more, I decided to check it out. I found one minecart chest that wasn’t too impressive, a few cave spider spawners, and massive amounts of gold and iron that I immediately brought back home to upgrade my beacon. It was enough to place down the other two beacons as well, even though right now only two possible effects came in somewhat handy.



    Beacons sorted out for now, I resumed my hunt for potion ingredients. I cleared the ice maze of all the berries I could find, and returned to the surface just in time for Summer to arrive. I flew back home, and when I got there, I found the area flooded by meteors and magma cubes. I wasn’t about to complain about the meteors, I did get a lot of material from them, but for a little while, I was a bit worried about the number of magma cubes. Once I had cleared them all out and nothing respawned though, I relaxed and headed over to the ship to confirm the berries as potion ingredients.



    The rest of Summer was a mix of different activities: mining, expanding my villager holding cells, trying to find blazes to hunt, killing fireflies… The blazes and fireflies were especially important since the only thing missing for more shield generators was blaze powder. Toward the end of Summer, I had finally gathered enough of that to build a second generator which I placed next to my sheep and cows to keep them as safe as possible. My sheep had been flooded more than once already, and I don’t think they were too fond of those experiences.



    At the beginning of Fall, when I wanted to head over to my ship to check out some recipes and mob drops, I found a little wolf pup running around the area all alone. Originally, I had planned not to adopt any more dogs, but I could hardly leave a little puppy out here to die! I gave him some bones to gain his trust and took him back home where I named him Deimos. Phobos, Sammy and Penny took him in like he had been part of their family all along, so I didn’t have to worry about leaving them alone for a bit.



    Speaking of making new friends: This year, the guardians were back full force. On one hand, it was pretty exciting after how boring last Fall was without them, on the other hand, they did kill me a few times while I was trying to get some meteor drops out of the water and when I was subsequently trying to recover my items. But all in all, the excitement of having them back made it all worthwhile.



    I spent most of Fall well away from water though. It was shulker season, and I saw the best chances of finding them in caves, so I went down and found myself some unexplored cave systems. I got a lot of ores to improve my beacon with, and, more importantly, I found 3 more shulker shells to add to the one I had found the previous year, allowing for me to craft two shulker boxes. Now I didn’t have to throw away useful stuff to be able to bring home even more useful stuff anymore! Hooray for new technology!



    When Winter started, I decided to use the season to farm sea urchins. It was technically something that was extremely easy to do with the sort of base I have, but I somehow never really got the motivation needed to do it. That changed this year because I finally got tired of sitting at 6 armor when it was so easy to get up to 8. Preparation was quickly done, I basically just needed to cover the hoppers at the bottom of my murder hole with water to make sure the sea urchins didn’t die on impact when they fell down. And then, it was just a matter of finding the perfect way to reduce the amount of hits needed while leaving them with just enough health for me to kill them off with a pearl. Because pearls are awesome!



    Whenever there were no sea urchins around to kill, I killed a few skeletons, so by the time I had all the materials and could remove the water, I was sitting on 50 levels of XP. That was more than enough to do a bit of enchanting, so I headed upstairs and went to see what nice enchants I could get. Straight away, I felt obligated to craft a new diamond sword, I couldn’t pass up on the new Sweeping Edge enchantment! It also got a nice Smite bonus, the only thing missing for a perfect skeleton farm weapon was basically Looting and Mending. I also got a few minor upgrades on my bow and my Fortune pick, but that’s pretty much all I got in terms of good enchantments. No Looting III for any of my swords…



    I spent the rest of the year working on my villager area and some more automation. At some point during the year, I don’t remember when, I had built the chicken farm I had planned to build, and my sugar cane farm was working perfectly, if very slowly because of it being so small. This year, I added a butcher and a farmer to my list of useful villagers, so the chicken farm came in handy straight away, but in terms of crop farming, my automation was pretty much limited to carrots, which I want to use on villager breeding as much as possible until I’m confident that I have all the important trades at reasonable prices. So I definitely needed to do something about my crop situation.

    For now, I traded as many resources as I could and built up my beacon base with as much iron, gold and emerald as I was willing to spare for now. Eventually, I will probably go back and replace the iron and gold with emerald blocks, but considering how many blocks are still missing even with the mix of materials, that’s probably still a long way off. Well, until then, my beacon is certainly looking… interesting.



    I used the last day or two of the year to start the construction of my automatic melon and pumpkin farm, but so far it seems like observer blocks and redstone torches don’t get along too well what with the really short observer block output. Before I continue building it next year, I’m going to have to do some research on how best to get around the problems I’m encountering. But I’m sure I’ll find a way without wasting too much time or resources! I’m definitely looking forward to the challenge.

  • Space Expedition Year 7

    My seventh Spring started as planned, with some final adjustments to the spider spawner and some nice farming of potion ingredients. This setup might not look like much, but it did end up giving me about 2½ stacks of cores within 2 days, which was more than enough for any Winter plans I might have within the next couple years. I could easily have gotten a lot more, but at this point, that just felt like a huge waste of time, so I left the spawner and decided only to return when I need to get more cores. Which might take a while.



    When I came back home, I started a couple of simple preparations for the big terrain update coming soon™. One of those preparations was to bring home anything that I might want to keep, and I had a tamed skeleton horse trapped somewhere far away for ages that I didn’t want to lose. He got his own little pen on the roof of my murder hole for now. Admittedly, his food situation doesn’t look too good, but at least he won’t die of thirst anytime soon…



    After bringing the horse home, I was very happy to see that Spring season also meant that my villagers were ready to start breeding. They, unlike the horse, had plenty of food, now they just needed to be in the right mood at the same time, and… Bingo! First villager baby! More were sure to follow soon, once I got a few more into the breeding chamber.



    About the start of Summer, I spent some more time flying around the outer edges of the currently present asteroids to finally explore a specific type of asteroid I hadn’t yet visited: a nether asteroid. I was mainly interested in gathering some soul sand, since so far, I had only found a single piece of it from mob drops and used that to grow a bit of nether wart. I needed quite a bit more than that for my next big plan though. I had about 10 wither skulls lying around after all, and I wanted to start doing something with them after all this time.

    I brewed a few regeneration and strength potions, dug a tunnel deep underground away from my base, and created some withers. The whole thing was a whole lot easier than expected, which was kinda sad. But I suppose that’s what you get for using the easy seasons for your boss battles.

    It was only after crafting the 3 beacons that I realized that I didn’t even have enough beacon base material to create anything more impressive than a level 1 beacon, so my next goal was gathering more materials. Well, at least the beacons themselves look somewhat impressive even without any other blocks to help…



    A new map update got in the way of any plans during Fall though. There were a lot of new bugs to discover and new upgrades to build, namely the two new cheap biosuit upgrades that were so easy to craft that I only had to get some stuff out of my chests and head over to my ship. Now I could activate haste and night vision at will, so long as I had the biosuit book on me. Looking up from the bottom of the murder hole looked so much more interesting now that there wasn’t just a dark blob up there! Sadly, it also confirmed my suspicions of guardians being mysteriously absent this year. I hope they’ll return next year, Fall is so boring without them.



    Soon enough, I got the distractions of new stuff out of the way and could focus on my original plans again. I still had a beacon to build up, and an easy way to get some of the necessary materials fast with my previous preparations was villager trading. At this point in time, I already had multiple villagers in the breeding chamber and could redirect all future villagers into their own little underground chamber. I had two librarians and one cartographer already, so an obvious first step towards lots of emeralds was to automate the sugar cane business. The new farm wasn’t big yet, but easily expandable, and I also still had lots of sugar cane growing on my farming floor that I could just harvest manually if I was really desperate for some paper.

    Since I already had a decent amount of sugar cane and paper lying around, I started trading right away. One of those two first librarians soon unlocked a very decent book trade. Silk Touch for only 6 emeralds? That guy definitely was allowed to stay! I would’ve preferred a Mending book that cheap, but I’m not gonna complain about these prices.



    The rest of year was a little more bug hunting, a bit of mob hunting, a little mining session that was quickly interrupted by even more bug hunting, and making a new friend. What can I say, things do get a bit lonely after a while with only dogs and priso— eh, I mean, villagers as company :( Not that this guy will be likely to really change anything about that, but he does add to the Christmas spirit a little. I guess.



    That was pretty much all that really happened that year. For the next year, I already had plans to go back to some areas to check for potential ingredients for the new potions that were introduced in this latest update. Other than that, I don’t really have too many plans. I’ll probably try to mine some more iron and gold for my beacon, and build an automatic chicken farm for when I get a butcher. I want to get those beacons going!

    Now, have a merry Christmas everyone! :)

  • Space Expedition Year 6

    For my sixth year, I had a big plan. Since I really enjoyed that blood bath last Winter, I wanted to make sure I could easily farm healing potions. The easiest way I could think of was finding a spider spawner, so I spent most of Spring caving. Eventually, I got lucky and found exactly what I was looking for.



    Since I needed to gather some more resources in order to make the spawner work properly, I had to return to the surface multiple times. One of those times, I heard a bark where there wasn’t supposed to be any barking, since my dogs were safely at home and I never saw any wild wolves this early in the year before. I decided to investigate. Remember that my puppy Phobos disappeared last Fall? Well… He’s not exactly a puppy anymore, but he’s alive and looks surprisingly healthy! He did recognize me and I immediately took him back home to his parents. Now I almost felt bad that I suspected Sammy of eating his own son!



    After the big reunion, I returned to my work on the spawner. It was Summer by the time I got to a point where it was possible to do any sort of farming though, which meant that there was plenty of time for adjustments before I had any reason to use it. The only season where the Spiders transformed into healing potion ingredients was Spring after all.



    Instead of doing those adjustments at that point though, I wanted to gather some more fire ant blood to fuel my jet pack. Turns out those fire ants really didn’t like being farmed though, every time I got a meteor shower, the lag spikes broke the entire thing for a little while. This year’s problem was tons and tons of smoke particles down the deadly drop, with no fire ants anywhere in sight, making the game almost unplayable with lag. Big thanks to Dan for telling me how to deal with these situations in the future!



    Even with all the problem solving that was needed, I managed to get several stacks of fire ant blood, so I left the hive way before Summer ended and decided to go explore something I’d been meaning to explore for ages: the big bad forest asteroid. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have chosen Summer to explore that one. The moment I encountered a single blaze, it all fell apart… Or should I say, it all went up in flames?



    I wasn’t exactly thrilled to find some skeleton horses in the middle of the whole thing, either. Escaping skeleton horse riders while avoiding fire sure sounded a lot easier than it turned out to be! Especially with me being stupid enough to trigger both trap horses at the same time, spawning a whole 8 skeleton riders at once that I needed to deal with. I like my challenges, but that was a little too much even for me!



    When I left the area in the middle of Fall, the fire was still burning in some places. To think that that was a majestic forest at one time… Now it was merely a bunch of floating wood, leaves and cobwebs. It certainly didn’t look nearly as impressive as it did before I destroyed it.



    Returning home, I wanted to do some good for a change. So I decided to do something about the living conditions of those villagers I trapped ages ago. The brown coat villager had a nice life as a farmer to look forward to, the other two… Let’s say, I do feel bad for them, but they don’t have such a bright future. Their only job is to stay within a very small confined area and make babies. At least they’re safe, right? And they can even see some daylight through the trap door above them! … This isn’t getting any better, is it? :(



    I used the rest of Fall to adjust the spider spawner a bit more, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. But it’s an experiment anyway, chances are it won’t even work at all. The only way to find out is to go there come Spring.

    When Winter started, I gathered up the last few healing potions I had left and went to kill some more mobs. It was a pretty short hunting session this year, but it was still very enjoyable. And one white walker left behind his Frost Walker boots, I’m looking forward to figuring out fun ways to use that enchantment without putting the boots on myself!



    Another thing I decided was a good idea was craft a shield generator. Meteors hitting my villager’s homes has been one of my bigger fears all this time, So the best place for the shield seemed to be right where my villagers are living now. This way, if something happens to the guys, I’ll at least have no one but myself to blame.



    The last thing I did this Winter was adjust the doors and prepare things for when I had enough villagers to automate carrot farming. According to some reading up on things and testing them in a creative copy of my world, I needed to bring the doors up a little more, to avoid the breeder villagers being counted into the population. And while I was at it, I replaced the dirt they were standing on with some good old bricks, looking so much nicer.

    By the time Winter ended, I pretty much was only left with adjusting the interior of the farming area (which I didn’t want to open up too much during Winter, what with Zombies standing everywhere, just waiting for a chance to get inside for some juicy villager meat) and getting another villager to stand on that piece of carpet. Once that is done, I’ll be ready for infinite carrots!



    The plan for next Spring is obvious: I’m gonna find out if the spider spawner works as intended. And then, hopefully, I’ll get lots and lots of healing potions ready for Winter! Then, I’m gonna see if I can get the breeder working so I can finish my villager setup. I’ve also been wanting to improve my base’s staircase a bit, so I might tackle that next year. Or I might not, who knows!

  • Space Expedition Year 5



    For my fifth year, I had plans to build something that would make travelling a lot more practical and required me to get fire ant blood. I knew that the fire ant hive I had found would only be active during Summer, so I wanted to use Spring to prepare it for farming without getting swarmed by ants. The main part of the spawn chamber was pretty much the usual spawner water setup. At the end of the water stream, there were both a little area where I could go about killing them, and a huge drop for those I failed to kill manually, with a hopper at the bottom. Since the weak spot would be pretty hard to hit reliably, without that drop, I would get swarmed pretty fast, making life a lot harder than if I just… deposed of them the quick way.



    While building, I had to fend off some visitors and found the probably most unless lucky drop ever. Now I just had to find a saddle, and I could finally ride pigs! And… be slower than if I’d just walked. Nice. Can’t wait.




    Since I still had quite a lot of Spring time left, I decided to start exploring a new asteroid. It was pretty difficult to traverse, and there was nothing too special there, but it was still worth it. My favorite moment was when I climbed on top of a mountain and had a really amazing view of a beach. Those palm trees are so cool!




    When Summer finally came around, the first thing I did was go back to the fire ant hive and fix up any holes in the hive walls. I wasn’t sure how much the ant spawning rate was affected by light levels, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to make sure it was dark. After that, I punched ants for a long time, making sure I could get at least one stack of their blood. It was pretty boring, so here’s a picture of the killing end of my spawner setup, and then I’ll talk about more interesting stuff.




    Like what I needed the fire ant blood for anyway. The blood was the only thing I needed to craft myself an elytra/jetpack remote control which would make it possible for me to fly around the place as I pleased, as long as I had enough fuel in my inventory. Since that sounded like the best idea ever, the first thing when I came home was grabbing everything I needed from my chests and heading over to the ship. And then, I had to appreciate my new looks.




    Those plans finally out of the way, I resumed the exploration, while spending more time in the air than on the ground. I found a few really nice asteroids, and one of them had this huge tree that I just had to climb on top of. And, while I was there, I explored the little chamber beneath it as well. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna be coming in these sort of areas once the map’s getting closer to being finished 😀




    Another thing I found was a giant cave on the side of an asteroid. The elytra really helped explore that one, if only because it meant that I didn’t have to worry about how I could safely get down there or back up. Anyway, I went into it, took care of a handful of mobs standing in my way, easily evaded a few dozen more, and found an amazing hallway at the end of the cave. It looked distinctly unnatural. But it also didn’t look anything like what the inhabitants of the abandoned village would’ve built. That made me wonder just how many different sorts of sentient species there were in this place.

    For all I knew, though, it might as well have been the work of those witches I’d met during that one Fall. They did seem to be sentient, and this sort of thing looked like something they might be into. Dark lair to brew their potions in, and all of those stereotypes.





    Fall was a pretty boring season that year. I built a new floor in my base where I can grow trees of all different sizes, I farmed some wither skeletons and guardians, and I got myself a new dog. I named her Penny, and immediately had her make a baby with Sammy. The pup got the name of Phobos.





    I made sure that all the dogs were sitting before I headed out to kill a few things. I have no idea what happened at home during my 5 minute absence, I just know that when I returned home, Sammy and Penny were sitting right where I left them – but Phobos was gone. I checked every room, I checked all the areas I’d been to during my short trip outside, Phobos was just nowhere to be found. Sammy had a really guilty look about him though. I really hope that he didn’t eat his own pup. Or maybe he pushed him into the recycler? So many things that could’ve happened there, but I doubt I’ll ever find out for sure.




    Winter started and I decided to get over my grief by going on a killing spree. During the previous years, I had mostly avoided going outside because of the health regeneration not working. This year, I stocked up some potions, took my favorite bow, a sword and my shield, and went out. This was the first time I ever saw certain creatures that did turn out to be quite common. There were some charged creepers and white walkers, and I decided not to get too close to either of those, so I took them out with my bow instead.




    Other common creatures were cave spiders, which I knew to be really horrible but who at least didn’t take more than one arrow to kill, and the raccoon skeleton riding a polar bear. The raccoon skeleton did have a bow in his hand, so I preferred to not get too close.




    My favorite by far appeared when a couple skeletons grouped up and vanished into thin air. Maybe they were a sacrifice necessary to summon this Winter overlord? I didn’t dare getting any closer than absolutely necessary to hit him with my arrows, and he took a lot of arrows to take down. He did leave me his almost broken iron sword, which ironically is almost as good as my diamond sword. So I took it back home and repaired it for now. It might be nice to have as a backup in case I die!




    By the time my potions started to run out, which was as much because of mobs wearing Thorns armor as it was because of mobs actually attacking me, Winter was almost over. So I went home and farmed a few skeletons for the last day of the year just to pass the time. I’m definitely planning on finding a way to reliably farm the ingredients for my potions next year, because that killing spree was a ton of fun, and I really want to make sure I can afford to do that more often! It’s so much more interesting if there’s a risk of dying after all.

  • Space Expedition Year 4

    A relatively short one today. Too much repetitive stuff not worth screenshotting or commenting further :)



    I decided to start my fourth year with a nice mining session. I needed diamonds to craft a recycler, so that was what I was going for. For the longest time, I found absolutely nothing, but eventually, I dug into a giant, familiar looking cave.



    This time, not having much else to do and hoping for some resources, I explored it. Thanks to my silk touch pick, I could bring a few pieces of packed ice, some magma and a few sea lanterns. I didn’t get nearly as many diamonds as I would’ve liked, so I had to continue my mining session somewhere else. After quite some time, I returned to my base and took inventory of my findings.





    Since I now had enough sea lanterns to complete my plans for my base, that’s the next thing I did. It took me quite some time, but I was pretty satisfied with the result. There were still some steps missing, and the bricks would probably look better with some variation in brick types, but that could wait until later.



    One more thing the mining session allowed me to do was to finally build the recycler. It took me a little while to figure out the best way to use it (hint for fellow space explorers: leave an air block beneath the thing, otherwise you’ll have to go hunt for the resources the recycler spits out), so this definitely wasn’t where the thing ended up staying.




    My next goal was the disenchanter. The only thing I was missing for that one was silver, and since Fall had just begun, I headed over to the silverfish spawner.




    I used the nights to go look around for some interesting mobs, and indeed I found one I had never seen before! I kept his head as a trophy. Maybe another decoration for my shrine…




    When I came back to the spawner, a bad surprise awaited me. During my absence, the silverfish had been eaten by more of these spider riders! I was a little too reckless trying to take them on and died. When I returned, the spiders and their riders were, fortunately, gone for good.




    After I got enough silver, I went to my base just long enough to fetch the other materials I needed and immediately headed to my ship to craft the disenchanter.




    Having accomplished most of what I wanted to do that year, I used the Winter to improve my base some more. The main floor was decorated with some automatic furnaces, my enchanting table with the disenchanter next to it, a little chorus fruit farm, my new storage system and the crafting area with the recycler. I made the disenchanter and recycler a mostly automatic thing, with a dropper shooting the items on top of the machine and a hopper below to pick up the products. Since that looked a bit ugly, I decided to hide them behind more bricks.


    4-09 4-10 4-11


    I still had quite some time left that Winter, so I also started work on my new underground farm. I almost managed to finish all, the only thing I can think of that still needs some work is some stone hiding the bricks from the floor above. And eventually, once I get more soul sand, I’m going to replace a few farm blocks with a netherwart farm. So far, the only piece of soul sand I own has its special place next to the bridge.


    4-12 4-13



    For now, the main plans for my base are pretty much finished, so the next thing I’m going to work on, besides (finally!) more exploration, is a better home for the villagers. They’ve been sitting in that little stone hut for so long already!

  • Space Expedition Year 3

    So, my third year in the asteroid system had officially begun. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve this year: I wanted to find out what happened to the inhabitants of the abandoned village. I had a theory, I just needed suitable test subjects. I remembered what the BioSuit had told me when I first encountered a zombie: They looked like they were infected by something. I had also noticed that there seemed to be two different kinds of zombies. Most looked very much like green humans, but some had extremely huge noses and a different bone structure judging by their looks, while wearing tattered, almost medieval looking clothing. My suspicion was that that second kind were the missing villagers – infected by the zombie virus.

    Also, I knew of the extremely regenerative powers of golden apples. Maybe it would be enough to fight off the zombie virus. But trying to feed it to the zombies in question would probably not end well without further preparation, so I decided to also bring along a few splash potions of weakness.




    Three golden apples and three potions in my bag, I went down into the caves intersecting my murder hole staircase. I hadn’t explored these caves a lot yet, so there were plenty of unlit areas where monsters could be hiding. I found quite a few valuables as well. After quite some time in the caves, I found a dungeon – with a zombie spawner! Jackpot! It still took some time for the spawner to give me one of the zombies I wanted, but eventually I managed to trap one.





    I threw the potion at it and force fed it the apple. It immediately had an adverse reaction to the apple, it started shaking violently. Since it couldn’t harm me, I decided to wait it out, with an amazing result: Its skin lost it sickly green hue and it turned into something that looked remarkably like a human! With, well, a huge nose and a monobrow.




    Thrilled by this success, I decided to wait for two more of these unfortunate creatures. While I was waiting for more the second villager to be cured, I heard a zombie noise from the other side of one of the walls of the spawner. I dug a few blocks toward the noise and found a breathtaking cave. I’d definitely have to come back to this place at a later time to explore that hidden area!




    After some time, I also found a test subject for my third apple. Afterwards, I wondered how I’d get them back to the surface. According to the BioSuit, we were really close to the bottom of the asteroid, so the surface was almost 200 meters above us. There was no way I’d be able to safely lead them to the surface without a ton of preparation. For now, I decided not to help them out of their traps after making sure they had enough food and water to survive a few days. They didn’t look to thrilled, but really, it was for the best to leave them as safe as possible while I prepared an exit, even if it meant that they’d have to give up on some basic freedoms for now. Wow, putting it like that, I feel like the worst human alive.

    I had the BioSuit mark down our coordinates before I made my way back to the surface. It had become Summer by now, and for the first time ever, I came across a weird fiery red slime.




    While waiting for the villagers to cure, I had remembered something I had seen from afar near their village before being distracted by the obsidian structures. I decided to investigate the place once more, to check if it was safe for them to return there. There was a hill of dirt next to the village that had the same shape as the endermite hive I’d found last Winter. And my hunch was right, it did turn out to be another hive – a fire ant hive. I was swarmed by fire ants within seconds. Since I didn’t find a quick way to kill them, I declared the place uninhabitable for now. There was no way I could possibly let the villagers return to this place!




    It took me the entire rest of Summer to prepare a safe way for the villagers to get up to the surface. I showed them the way up, and they seemed to be really excited to get out of the tiny traps I had left them in. I felt really bad when they finally understood that their temporary home wasn’t all that much better…




    I really wanted nothing more than to stop thinking about villagers for a couple of days. Since it was Fall by now, I went down the murder hole and checked if my modifications to the guardian farm were successful. For the most part, they were, almost every guardian falling down was immediately killed. There were rare exceptions, but I could easily take them down by hand – and get a few of the rare drops that I wouldn’t be able to get from those that died from fall damage. So I was pretty ok with those occasional survivors.




    Since I had already spent the last two Falls cooped up at the bottom of the murder hole, I wanted to go out and explore the rest of the world during the season this year. In the snowy mountains, I found a creature that looked like a pig man version of zombies. The virus seemed to be a lot more devastating for those creatures, though, going as far as revealing bones. They were probably beyond help at this point.




    Just a small distance away from the pigmen, I encountered two apparently sentient beings standing at the bottom of a cliff. They looked up at me and started violently shaking some potions, so I kind of panicked and shot arrows at them. Better safe than sorry, really, who knows what their potions would’ve done to me!




    It didn’t take long until I found another hive. This time, it was the home of silverfish. I did encounter some of these creatures last year, and they dropped some items that I may need to improve my life here and eventually escape, so I decided to stay for a while.




    When I returned home at the end of Fall, I had collected quite some loot. I decided to pack some things and make a trip to the ship to see what I could immediately use in the synthesizer. Sadly, I was 3 diamonds short of being able to craft a recycler, but it’s not like that can’t be changed at some point.




    I had enough leather now to make enough bookshelves to get level 30 enchantments at the enchanting table. That meant that I could finally improve my tools and my spare diamond sword!




    In the river outside the murder hole, I saw a few hermit crabs. They were extremely scary, since their bite was poisonous! I only killed a few of them, but I did manage to collect a few of their eggs. I do hope they don’t hatch inside my chests, that would be bad news!




    Winter this year was really harsh. There seemed to be a meteor impact every minute, and I had to go out to repair my roof several times. There was also a horde of zombies camping the villagers’ temporary shelter, and every time I went to repair the roof, some of them decided to make my life even harder by trying to kill me. Sometimes, they came dangerously close and occasionally, my BioSuit’s emergency system had to teleport me back to the ship to keep me alive.




    Not feeling safe outside at all, I decided to use the time to improve my home a bit. Progress was slow, I had to fix the roof way too often. Also, a hopefully rare skeleton mutation was camping the murder hole, making me have to come back from the ship multiple times to collect my stuff after being teleported to safety. That skeleton seemed to be even faster than I was after all this time on these asteroids, and I thought I was insanely fast on foot by now. That skeleton topped that very much, with me barely being able to close the gate behind me when I fled into my base. I wasn’t satisfied with the progress at all, but it was all I could do while making sure my roof wouldn’t be destroyed completely, opening up a way for all the hostile creatures to swarm into my base.




    Improving my base will probably go a lot faster come Spring, but I’m not quite happy with how much I’ll have to do that season. I’ll probably just do the basics for now and then build a better home for the villagers. I sure hope they’ll not be too angry at me!