Space Expedition Year 9

After ending the last year in the middle of building a melon and pumpkin farm, I sat down at the start of my 9th year and thought about ways to make the observer blocks work with the other redstone components. I didn’t find any way to get repeaters or redstone torches to react, so I decided to go for the slightly more expensive option of doubling up my use of observers and pistons and leave out pretty much all other redstone, since that sort of design was pretty compact, and actually functional.

That project finished, I started my yearly Spring exploration trip. I didn’t find a lot of new areas, but I really loved this weird looking crater with blocks floating around here and there. Well… I wasn’t too fond of all the baby zombies swarming me. Without night vision this place was pretty dark even during the day.



The rest of Spring was pretty boring. Some farming, some villager trading, the occasional cow breeding session… It was only when Summer came around that I changed my priorities a bit. I wanted to build more shield generators, so hunting more fireflies definitely made in onto that priority list. Throughout the Summer I got enough blaze powder to make a third generator, but I decided to wait with building it until I know exactly where I will use it. I already have an idea, but that idea will have to wait until after the next update. Dan’s working so hard already, no need to make his life even harder by having him copy over more stuff into the new landscape design 😀



Another project I started this Summer was rebuilding my murder hole’s staircase. All that cobblestone just looked so ugly, and having the thing be 2 blocks wide sounded like a good idea, too. The corners look a bit weird in some places now, but the only way to change that would be to set the stairs back a bit, which would mean a whole lot more work the further down it went. So I’ll just live with the corners looking off, it still looks so much better than it did before after all!

At the end of Summer, I built an automatic fishing farm. Yes, it took me over 8 years to build a fishing farm. And once it was finished, I had no idea why I had never bothered to make one – they’re so easy to build, and they’re a nice way to get certain items. The first day of fishing, I didn’t bother to enchant my fishing rods since I figured that drop rates would be decent enough to get me better ones soon. And I was right, 2 unenchanted rods and one fished up low durability enchanted rod later, I could make the perfect fishing rod. Now I just had to do another small AFK session to repair it.



This year, my villager breeder produced another librarian. Until I unlocked his second book trade, I had no idea that villagers would sell cursed books, but there was no way I would ever pay over half a stack of emeralds for an enchant that would delete the enchanted item the next time I died! These villagers were clearly trying to rip me off. After all I’ve done for them!



Winter was another season of killing stuff. For a pretty long time, I was highly disappointed with the spawn rates this season. Sometimes I had to cover several dozen blocks’ worth of distance just to find a single spider, but eventually I hit the jackpot and detected a white walker king. I killed him with no problems, but I didn’t get anything for my effort :(



At this point though, I had a pretty good idea about the spawning rules of the white walker kings. I’m not gonna spoil the details here, let’s just say that I had all I needed to spawn them one or two at a time to farm some of their drops in a safe environment. I was a little sad that their bows didn’t come with both Mending and Infinity, but then again, that would probably be a little too much what with how easy it is to farm them. I did get a few really rare items I’d never seen before though, so it was still worth the effort, even though most of the drops went into my disenchanter and/or recycler.

At some point during my king farming session, something weird must’ve happened. The next time I left my base, I discovered that my beacon beams were gone – as were the beacons themselves. All three of them. Nothing else was missing, just the beacons.



If anyone has any ideas for how my beacons could’ve disappeared, all three of them without anything else breaking, please tell me. Endermen can’t pick them up (and even then it would be highly unlikely for them to grab all three of them within such a short amount of time), and while beacons can be destroyed by meteors, there’s a reason why I built it right next to a shield generator. There’s no way it’s out of range! For now, I cheated them back in. If anyone can come up with a way they would’ve gotten deleted that doesn’t imply something bugging out, I can always come back and delete them again. I don’t have a problem with having to do things over again because of me being careless, but I simply refuse to lose such valuable items to bugs. I hope that’s understandable :)

Since the next map update’s getting close now, I probably won’t be playing until it hits. So the next year will probably be about a lot of exploration. I’m looking forward to it!

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