Space Expedition Year 7

My seventh Spring started as planned, with some final adjustments to the spider spawner and some nice farming of potion ingredients. This setup might not look like much, but it did end up giving me about 2½ stacks of cores within 2 days, which was more than enough for any Winter plans I might have within the next couple years. I could easily have gotten a lot more, but at this point, that just felt like a huge waste of time, so I left the spawner and decided only to return when I need to get more cores. Which might take a while.



When I came back home, I started a couple of simple preparations for the big terrain update coming soon™. One of those preparations was to bring home anything that I might want to keep, and I had a tamed skeleton horse trapped somewhere far away for ages that I didn’t want to lose. He got his own little pen on the roof of my murder hole for now. Admittedly, his food situation doesn’t look too good, but at least he won’t die of thirst anytime soon…



After bringing the horse home, I was very happy to see that Spring season also meant that my villagers were ready to start breeding. They, unlike the horse, had plenty of food, now they just needed to be in the right mood at the same time, and… Bingo! First villager baby! More were sure to follow soon, once I got a few more into the breeding chamber.



About the start of Summer, I spent some more time flying around the outer edges of the currently present asteroids to finally explore a specific type of asteroid I hadn’t yet visited: a nether asteroid. I was mainly interested in gathering some soul sand, since so far, I had only found a single piece of it from mob drops and used that to grow a bit of nether wart. I needed quite a bit more than that for my next big plan though. I had about 10 wither skulls lying around after all, and I wanted to start doing something with them after all this time.

I brewed a few regeneration and strength potions, dug a tunnel deep underground away from my base, and created some withers. The whole thing was a whole lot easier than expected, which was kinda sad. But I suppose that’s what you get for using the easy seasons for your boss battles.

It was only after crafting the 3 beacons that I realized that I didn’t even have enough beacon base material to create anything more impressive than a level 1 beacon, so my next goal was gathering more materials. Well, at least the beacons themselves look somewhat impressive even without any other blocks to help…



A new map update got in the way of any plans during Fall though. There were a lot of new bugs to discover and new upgrades to build, namely the two new cheap biosuit upgrades that were so easy to craft that I only had to get some stuff out of my chests and head over to my ship. Now I could activate haste and night vision at will, so long as I had the biosuit book on me. Looking up from the bottom of the murder hole looked so much more interesting now that there wasn’t just a dark blob up there! Sadly, it also confirmed my suspicions of guardians being mysteriously absent this year. I hope they’ll return next year, Fall is so boring without them.



Soon enough, I got the distractions of new stuff out of the way and could focus on my original plans again. I still had a beacon to build up, and an easy way to get some of the necessary materials fast with my previous preparations was villager trading. At this point in time, I already had multiple villagers in the breeding chamber and could redirect all future villagers into their own little underground chamber. I had two librarians and one cartographer already, so an obvious first step towards lots of emeralds was to automate the sugar cane business. The new farm wasn’t big yet, but easily expandable, and I also still had lots of sugar cane growing on my farming floor that I could just harvest manually if I was really desperate for some paper.

Since I already had a decent amount of sugar cane and paper lying around, I started trading right away. One of those two first librarians soon unlocked a very decent book trade. Silk Touch for only 6 emeralds? That guy definitely was allowed to stay! I would’ve preferred a Mending book that cheap, but I’m not gonna complain about these prices.



The rest of year was a little more bug hunting, a bit of mob hunting, a little mining session that was quickly interrupted by even more bug hunting, and making a new friend. What can I say, things do get a bit lonely after a while with only dogs and priso— eh, I mean, villagers as company :( Not that this guy will be likely to really change anything about that, but he does add to the Christmas spirit a little. I guess.



That was pretty much all that really happened that year. For the next year, I already had plans to go back to some areas to check for potential ingredients for the new potions that were introduced in this latest update. Other than that, I don’t really have too many plans. I’ll probably try to mine some more iron and gold for my beacon, and build an automatic chicken farm for when I get a butcher. I want to get those beacons going!

Now, have a merry Christmas everyone! :)

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