Space Expedition Year 6

For my sixth year, I had a big plan. Since I really enjoyed that blood bath last Winter, I wanted to make sure I could easily farm healing potions. The easiest way I could think of was finding a spider spawner, so I spent most of Spring caving. Eventually, I got lucky and found exactly what I was looking for.



Since I needed to gather some more resources in order to make the spawner work properly, I had to return to the surface multiple times. One of those times, I heard a bark where there wasn’t supposed to be any barking, since my dogs were safely at home and I never saw any wild wolves this early in the year before. I decided to investigate. Remember that my puppy Phobos disappeared last Fall? Well… He’s not exactly a puppy anymore, but he’s alive and looks surprisingly healthy! He did recognize me and I immediately took him back home to his parents. Now I almost felt bad that I suspected Sammy of eating his own son!



After the big reunion, I returned to my work on the spawner. It was Summer by the time I got to a point where it was possible to do any sort of farming though, which meant that there was plenty of time for adjustments before I had any reason to use it. The only season where the Spiders transformed into healing potion ingredients was Spring after all.



Instead of doing those adjustments at that point though, I wanted to gather some more fire ant blood to fuel my jet pack. Turns out those fire ants really didn’t like being farmed though, every time I got a meteor shower, the lag spikes broke the entire thing for a little while. This year’s problem was tons and tons of smoke particles down the deadly drop, with no fire ants anywhere in sight, making the game almost unplayable with lag. Big thanks to Dan for telling me how to deal with these situations in the future!



Even with all the problem solving that was needed, I managed to get several stacks of fire ant blood, so I left the hive way before Summer ended and decided to go explore something I’d been meaning to explore for ages: the big bad forest asteroid. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have chosen Summer to explore that one. The moment I encountered a single blaze, it all fell apart… Or should I say, it all went up in flames?



I wasn’t exactly thrilled to find some skeleton horses in the middle of the whole thing, either. Escaping skeleton horse riders while avoiding fire sure sounded a lot easier than it turned out to be! Especially with me being stupid enough to trigger both trap horses at the same time, spawning a whole 8 skeleton riders at once that I needed to deal with. I like my challenges, but that was a little too much even for me!



When I left the area in the middle of Fall, the fire was still burning in some places. To think that that was a majestic forest at one time… Now it was merely a bunch of floating wood, leaves and cobwebs. It certainly didn’t look nearly as impressive as it did before I destroyed it.



Returning home, I wanted to do some good for a change. So I decided to do something about the living conditions of those villagers I trapped ages ago. The brown coat villager had a nice life as a farmer to look forward to, the other two… Let’s say, I do feel bad for them, but they don’t have such a bright future. Their only job is to stay within a very small confined area and make babies. At least they’re safe, right? And they can even see some daylight through the trap door above them! … This isn’t getting any better, is it? :(



I used the rest of Fall to adjust the spider spawner a bit more, unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. But it’s an experiment anyway, chances are it won’t even work at all. The only way to find out is to go there come Spring.

When Winter started, I gathered up the last few healing potions I had left and went to kill some more mobs. It was a pretty short hunting session this year, but it was still very enjoyable. And one white walker left behind his Frost Walker boots, I’m looking forward to figuring out fun ways to use that enchantment without putting the boots on myself!



Another thing I decided was a good idea was craft a shield generator. Meteors hitting my villager’s homes has been one of my bigger fears all this time, So the best place for the shield seemed to be right where my villagers are living now. This way, if something happens to the guys, I’ll at least have no one but myself to blame.



The last thing I did this Winter was adjust the doors and prepare things for when I had enough villagers to automate carrot farming. According to some reading up on things and testing them in a creative copy of my world, I needed to bring the doors up a little more, to avoid the breeder villagers being counted into the population. And while I was at it, I replaced the dirt they were standing on with some good old bricks, looking so much nicer.

By the time Winter ended, I pretty much was only left with adjusting the interior of the farming area (which I didn’t want to open up too much during Winter, what with Zombies standing everywhere, just waiting for a chance to get inside for some juicy villager meat) and getting another villager to stand on that piece of carpet. Once that is done, I’ll be ready for infinite carrots!



The plan for next Spring is obvious: I’m gonna find out if the spider spawner works as intended. And then, hopefully, I’ll get lots and lots of healing potions ready for Winter! Then, I’m gonna see if I can get the breeder working so I can finish my villager setup. I’ve also been wanting to improve my base’s staircase a bit, so I might tackle that next year. Or I might not, who knows!

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