Space Expedition Year 5



For my fifth year, I had plans to build something that would make travelling a lot more practical and required me to get fire ant blood. I knew that the fire ant hive I had found would only be active during Summer, so I wanted to use Spring to prepare it for farming without getting swarmed by ants. The main part of the spawn chamber was pretty much the usual spawner water setup. At the end of the water stream, there were both a little area where I could go about killing them, and a huge drop for those I failed to kill manually, with a hopper at the bottom. Since the weak spot would be pretty hard to hit reliably, without that drop, I would get swarmed pretty fast, making life a lot harder than if I just… deposed of them the quick way.



While building, I had to fend off some visitors and found the probably most unless lucky drop ever. Now I just had to find a saddle, and I could finally ride pigs! And… be slower than if I’d just walked. Nice. Can’t wait.




Since I still had quite a lot of Spring time left, I decided to start exploring a new asteroid. It was pretty difficult to traverse, and there was nothing too special there, but it was still worth it. My favorite moment was when I climbed on top of a mountain and had a really amazing view of a beach. Those palm trees are so cool!




When Summer finally came around, the first thing I did was go back to the fire ant hive and fix up any holes in the hive walls. I wasn’t sure how much the ant spawning rate was affected by light levels, but it certainly couldn’t hurt to make sure it was dark. After that, I punched ants for a long time, making sure I could get at least one stack of their blood. It was pretty boring, so here’s a picture of the killing end of my spawner setup, and then I’ll talk about more interesting stuff.




Like what I needed the fire ant blood for anyway. The blood was the only thing I needed to craft myself an elytra/jetpack remote control which would make it possible for me to fly around the place as I pleased, as long as I had enough fuel in my inventory. Since that sounded like the best idea ever, the first thing when I came home was grabbing everything I needed from my chests and heading over to the ship. And then, I had to appreciate my new looks.




Those plans finally out of the way, I resumed the exploration, while spending more time in the air than on the ground. I found a few really nice asteroids, and one of them had this huge tree that I just had to climb on top of. And, while I was there, I explored the little chamber beneath it as well. Can’t wait to see what’s gonna be coming in these sort of areas once the map’s getting closer to being finished 😀




Another thing I found was a giant cave on the side of an asteroid. The elytra really helped explore that one, if only because it meant that I didn’t have to worry about how I could safely get down there or back up. Anyway, I went into it, took care of a handful of mobs standing in my way, easily evaded a few dozen more, and found an amazing hallway at the end of the cave. It looked distinctly unnatural. But it also didn’t look anything like what the inhabitants of the abandoned village would’ve built. That made me wonder just how many different sorts of sentient species there were in this place.

For all I knew, though, it might as well have been the work of those witches I’d met during that one Fall. They did seem to be sentient, and this sort of thing looked like something they might be into. Dark lair to brew their potions in, and all of those stereotypes.





Fall was a pretty boring season that year. I built a new floor in my base where I can grow trees of all different sizes, I farmed some wither skeletons and guardians, and I got myself a new dog. I named her Penny, and immediately had her make a baby with Sammy. The pup got the name of Phobos.





I made sure that all the dogs were sitting before I headed out to kill a few things. I have no idea what happened at home during my 5 minute absence, I just know that when I returned home, Sammy and Penny were sitting right where I left them – but Phobos was gone. I checked every room, I checked all the areas I’d been to during my short trip outside, Phobos was just nowhere to be found. Sammy had a really guilty look about him though. I really hope that he didn’t eat his own pup. Or maybe he pushed him into the recycler? So many things that could’ve happened there, but I doubt I’ll ever find out for sure.




Winter started and I decided to get over my grief by going on a killing spree. During the previous years, I had mostly avoided going outside because of the health regeneration not working. This year, I stocked up some potions, took my favorite bow, a sword and my shield, and went out. This was the first time I ever saw certain creatures that did turn out to be quite common. There were some charged creepers and white walkers, and I decided not to get too close to either of those, so I took them out with my bow instead.




Other common creatures were cave spiders, which I knew to be really horrible but who at least didn’t take more than one arrow to kill, and the raccoon skeleton riding a polar bear. The raccoon skeleton did have a bow in his hand, so I preferred to not get too close.




My favorite by far appeared when a couple skeletons grouped up and vanished into thin air. Maybe they were a sacrifice necessary to summon this Winter overlord? I didn’t dare getting any closer than absolutely necessary to hit him with my arrows, and he took a lot of arrows to take down. He did leave me his almost broken iron sword, which ironically is almost as good as my diamond sword. So I took it back home and repaired it for now. It might be nice to have as a backup in case I die!




By the time my potions started to run out, which was as much because of mobs wearing Thorns armor as it was because of mobs actually attacking me, Winter was almost over. So I went home and farmed a few skeletons for the last day of the year just to pass the time. I’m definitely planning on finding a way to reliably farm the ingredients for my potions next year, because that killing spree was a ton of fun, and I really want to make sure I can afford to do that more often! It’s so much more interesting if there’s a risk of dying after all.

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