Space Expedition Year 4

A relatively short one today. Too much repetitive stuff not worth screenshotting or commenting further :)



I decided to start my fourth year with a nice mining session. I needed diamonds to craft a recycler, so that was what I was going for. For the longest time, I found absolutely nothing, but eventually, I dug into a giant, familiar looking cave.



This time, not having much else to do and hoping for some resources, I explored it. Thanks to my silk touch pick, I could bring a few pieces of packed ice, some magma and a few sea lanterns. I didn’t get nearly as many diamonds as I would’ve liked, so I had to continue my mining session somewhere else. After quite some time, I returned to my base and took inventory of my findings.





Since I now had enough sea lanterns to complete my plans for my base, that’s the next thing I did. It took me quite some time, but I was pretty satisfied with the result. There were still some steps missing, and the bricks would probably look better with some variation in brick types, but that could wait until later.



One more thing the mining session allowed me to do was to finally build the recycler. It took me a little while to figure out the best way to use it (hint for fellow space explorers: leave an air block beneath the thing, otherwise you’ll have to go hunt for the resources the recycler spits out), so this definitely wasn’t where the thing ended up staying.




My next goal was the disenchanter. The only thing I was missing for that one was silver, and since Fall had just begun, I headed over to the silverfish spawner.




I used the nights to go look around for some interesting mobs, and indeed I found one I had never seen before! I kept his head as a trophy. Maybe another decoration for my shrine…




When I came back to the spawner, a bad surprise awaited me. During my absence, the silverfish had been eaten by more of these spider riders! I was a little too reckless trying to take them on and died. When I returned, the spiders and their riders were, fortunately, gone for good.




After I got enough silver, I went to my base just long enough to fetch the other materials I needed and immediately headed to my ship to craft the disenchanter.




Having accomplished most of what I wanted to do that year, I used the Winter to improve my base some more. The main floor was decorated with some automatic furnaces, my enchanting table with the disenchanter next to it, a little chorus fruit farm, my new storage system and the crafting area with the recycler. I made the disenchanter and recycler a mostly automatic thing, with a dropper shooting the items on top of the machine and a hopper below to pick up the products. Since that looked a bit ugly, I decided to hide them behind more bricks.


4-09 4-10 4-11


I still had quite some time left that Winter, so I also started work on my new underground farm. I almost managed to finish all, the only thing I can think of that still needs some work is some stone hiding the bricks from the floor above. And eventually, once I get more soul sand, I’m going to replace a few farm blocks with a netherwart farm. So far, the only piece of soul sand I own has its special place next to the bridge.


4-12 4-13



For now, the main plans for my base are pretty much finished, so the next thing I’m going to work on, besides (finally!) more exploration, is a better home for the villagers. They’ve been sitting in that little stone hut for so long already!

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