Space Expedition Year 3

So, my third year in the asteroid system had officially begun. I had an idea of what I wanted to achieve this year: I wanted to find out what happened to the inhabitants of the abandoned village. I had a theory, I just needed suitable test subjects. I remembered what the BioSuit had told me when I first encountered a zombie: They looked like they were infected by something. I had also noticed that there seemed to be two different kinds of zombies. Most looked very much like green humans, but some had extremely huge noses and a different bone structure judging by their looks, while wearing tattered, almost medieval looking clothing. My suspicion was that that second kind were the missing villagers – infected by the zombie virus.

Also, I knew of the extremely regenerative powers of golden apples. Maybe it would be enough to fight off the zombie virus. But trying to feed it to the zombies in question would probably not end well without further preparation, so I decided to also bring along a few splash potions of weakness.




Three golden apples and three potions in my bag, I went down into the caves intersecting my murder hole staircase. I hadn’t explored these caves a lot yet, so there were plenty of unlit areas where monsters could be hiding. I found quite a few valuables as well. After quite some time in the caves, I found a dungeon – with a zombie spawner! Jackpot! It still took some time for the spawner to give me one of the zombies I wanted, but eventually I managed to trap one.





I threw the potion at it and force fed it the apple. It immediately had an adverse reaction to the apple, it started shaking violently. Since it couldn’t harm me, I decided to wait it out, with an amazing result: Its skin lost it sickly green hue and it turned into something that looked remarkably like a human! With, well, a huge nose and a monobrow.




Thrilled by this success, I decided to wait for two more of these unfortunate creatures. While I was waiting for more the second villager to be cured, I heard a zombie noise from the other side of one of the walls of the spawner. I dug a few blocks toward the noise and found a breathtaking cave. I’d definitely have to come back to this place at a later time to explore that hidden area!




After some time, I also found a test subject for my third apple. Afterwards, I wondered how I’d get them back to the surface. According to the BioSuit, we were really close to the bottom of the asteroid, so the surface was almost 200 meters above us. There was no way I’d be able to safely lead them to the surface without a ton of preparation. For now, I decided not to help them out of their traps after making sure they had enough food and water to survive a few days. They didn’t look to thrilled, but really, it was for the best to leave them as safe as possible while I prepared an exit, even if it meant that they’d have to give up on some basic freedoms for now. Wow, putting it like that, I feel like the worst human alive.

I had the BioSuit mark down our coordinates before I made my way back to the surface. It had become Summer by now, and for the first time ever, I came across a weird fiery red slime.




While waiting for the villagers to cure, I had remembered something I had seen from afar near their village before being distracted by the obsidian structures. I decided to investigate the place once more, to check if it was safe for them to return there. There was a hill of dirt next to the village that had the same shape as the endermite hive I’d found last Winter. And my hunch was right, it did turn out to be another hive – a fire ant hive. I was swarmed by fire ants within seconds. Since I didn’t find a quick way to kill them, I declared the place uninhabitable for now. There was no way I could possibly let the villagers return to this place!




It took me the entire rest of Summer to prepare a safe way for the villagers to get up to the surface. I showed them the way up, and they seemed to be really excited to get out of the tiny traps I had left them in. I felt really bad when they finally understood that their temporary home wasn’t all that much better…




I really wanted nothing more than to stop thinking about villagers for a couple of days. Since it was Fall by now, I went down the murder hole and checked if my modifications to the guardian farm were successful. For the most part, they were, almost every guardian falling down was immediately killed. There were rare exceptions, but I could easily take them down by hand – and get a few of the rare drops that I wouldn’t be able to get from those that died from fall damage. So I was pretty ok with those occasional survivors.




Since I had already spent the last two Falls cooped up at the bottom of the murder hole, I wanted to go out and explore the rest of the world during the season this year. In the snowy mountains, I found a creature that looked like a pig man version of zombies. The virus seemed to be a lot more devastating for those creatures, though, going as far as revealing bones. They were probably beyond help at this point.




Just a small distance away from the pigmen, I encountered two apparently sentient beings standing at the bottom of a cliff. They looked up at me and started violently shaking some potions, so I kind of panicked and shot arrows at them. Better safe than sorry, really, who knows what their potions would’ve done to me!




It didn’t take long until I found another hive. This time, it was the home of silverfish. I did encounter some of these creatures last year, and they dropped some items that I may need to improve my life here and eventually escape, so I decided to stay for a while.




When I returned home at the end of Fall, I had collected quite some loot. I decided to pack some things and make a trip to the ship to see what I could immediately use in the synthesizer. Sadly, I was 3 diamonds short of being able to craft a recycler, but it’s not like that can’t be changed at some point.




I had enough leather now to make enough bookshelves to get level 30 enchantments at the enchanting table. That meant that I could finally improve my tools and my spare diamond sword!




In the river outside the murder hole, I saw a few hermit crabs. They were extremely scary, since their bite was poisonous! I only killed a few of them, but I did manage to collect a few of their eggs. I do hope they don’t hatch inside my chests, that would be bad news!




Winter this year was really harsh. There seemed to be a meteor impact every minute, and I had to go out to repair my roof several times. There was also a horde of zombies camping the villagers’ temporary shelter, and every time I went to repair the roof, some of them decided to make my life even harder by trying to kill me. Sometimes, they came dangerously close and occasionally, my BioSuit’s emergency system had to teleport me back to the ship to keep me alive.




Not feeling safe outside at all, I decided to use the time to improve my home a bit. Progress was slow, I had to fix the roof way too often. Also, a hopefully rare skeleton mutation was camping the murder hole, making me have to come back from the ship multiple times to collect my stuff after being teleported to safety. That skeleton seemed to be even faster than I was after all this time on these asteroids, and I thought I was insanely fast on foot by now. That skeleton topped that very much, with me barely being able to close the gate behind me when I fled into my base. I wasn’t satisfied with the progress at all, but it was all I could do while making sure my roof wouldn’t be destroyed completely, opening up a way for all the hostile creatures to swarm into my base.




Improving my base will probably go a lot faster come Spring, but I’m not quite happy with how much I’ll have to do that season. I’ll probably just do the basics for now and then build a better home for the villagers. I sure hope they’ll not be too angry at me!

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