Space Expedition Year 11

AtĀ the end of the 10th year, I started exploring the mushroom cavern on the main asteroid a bit, but couldn’t finish before Spring. So my first course of action in my 11th year was to go back down, and light up the rest of the area to see if there was anything new around there. I didn’t find anything too interesting, but the area was still looking as amazing as ever, and I did get some resources out of the trip, so still absolutely worth it!



When I returned to the surface, I was surprised by a seemingly new creature. The biosuit didn’t have anything to say when I got near it though, so it was probably just a zombie dressing up as a peaceful creature, trying to camouflage well enough to take me down. It did fool me for a second, but even so I immediately knew it was a hostile creature, so I was still prepared to just kill it. Tough luck, zombie!



At the start of Summer, I went flying around a bit more, trying to find interesting areas that I had missed previously. I found one well hidden in a swamp. The main structure was incredibly well hidden in the shadows, and the broken down pathway was pretty easy to miss if I wasn’t looking from the right spot.



The hut turned out to be the entrance to a bigger underground area. I was prepared to take on a specific boss that I knew about but had never actually encountered myself yet, the witch type sorcerer boss. During the fight, I got the feeling that I was a little overgeared for that encounter; maybe I should’ve waited for Fall to make things more interesting. Anyway, I got some nice loot as a reward (including a shulker shell) and made notes of the symbols on the walls for future reference. Their meaning won’t be important until later, so while I had a pretty good idea what it meant, there was no reason to check if I was right yet.

For most of the rest of Summer, I flew around the edges of the asteroids a bit more, checking for interesting cave entrances. I didn’t really think I’d find anything, and I was just about to give up for the day when I stumbled over a cave with an awful lot of water in it. That one clearly needed some checking out.



I was expecting to find some sort of elder guardian boss, but the only enemies I encountered while swimming around the lake before entering the structure were the regular guardians spawning in as Fall began. There was no boss inside the ruin either, but there were many guardian spawners in an isolated lake area that were really testing my evasion skills. Trying to destroy a spawner with 10 guardians all around me turned out to be a bigger challenge than just a boss would’ve been, so I wasn’t too sad about this place not having a big one to guard the loot.

I left the cave lake without further issues, and after storing the loot in my base, I flew off again. In my game with PureSp1r1t, we had come across a volcano that I had seen, but never really investigated, so I wanted to see if there was more to this volcano than just a bunch of lava.



I dug down next to the volcano, trying my best not to fall into lava while I was going down. Eventually, I ended up in a cave that was covered in lava and magma blocks, with a giant magma cube guarding the cave. Unfortunately, the magma cube loved the lava too much and took too long to get out of it, so I grew impatient and just killed it where it was. It probably dropped some awesome loot that I will never get to see since it immediately burned up :(

Boss gone, it was time to get rid of the lava to see if there was anything interesting to find. I didn’t get to take a look at the entire floor since Winter had come, making it a very bad idea to play with lava, but apart from some shulker boxes outside the main lava area, the most valuable thing I uncovered was some incredibly heat-resistant grass. I figured that it was probably safe to say that there were no more interesting chests nearby, so I probably won’t return to the place any time soon.



This year, I decided to spend the Winter doing something inherently uninteresting: AFK fishing. I was hoping to get a Mending book or two, but I was out of luck and didn’t get a single usefulĀ enchanted book. I may do a whole year’s worth of AFK fishing next and just skip that entry, but that probably depends on my mood :) If I do, I sure hope I have some better luck with books than I had this Winter!

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