Space Expedition Year 10

My 10th year started with a big map update that included a huge replacement of terrain. I could mark a few areas that I wanted to keep, but the rest of the landscape got reset to day 1 standards, which meant that all the destroyed and burnt forest areas came back to life! Let’s see how long I can keep it that way.



Since the update was the dungeons and ruins update, my plans for this year were for the most part set in stone. I already knew quite a lot of places that were going to become dungeons or at least get a work-over, so I stopped by them one by one and investigated them for new features. My first targets were the abandoned village, the obsidian structures and the ice maze, and they definitely didn’t disappoint. I got to kill my first dungeon boss, lit up a few custom spawners, and got quite a bit of loot!





While flying around, I detected a place that definitely wasn’t there during my previous years yet. I didn’t find anything too special, but a little loot crate and just a nice place to look at were still enough to get me excited for more exploration. There could be more completely new structures out there after all!



So I just flew around looking for notable changes for a little while. I didn’t find too many, but I did find an animal I hadn’t encountered before: llamas! Since they didn’t really offer anything that I needed, I decided to leave them be for now, but it’s still nice to know they’re out there if I ever change my mind.



At this point, it was already Summer. I was at my base when the first meteor shower hit, and this time I got to the surface quickly enough to see where all the magma cubes that had overrun my base last year had come from: The magma cubes seemed to like the explosive force of my shield’s defensive system meeting high velocity meteors so much, that they just popped right into existence.

I actually witnessed this on two different occasions this year, so I made sure to tell the shield’s creator about this anomaly so he can find a way to avoid it in the future. Spoiler alert, he’s confident that he’ll be able to do that :)



I decided to take a little break from all the exploring and work on my plans for the villager area a bit more. My new project was to make that greedy butcher a bit more lucrative for me, so I started some preparations for a pig farm. Finding the pigs was pretty much the easy part, especially after most of the map getting reset and mobs that had previously died being brought back to life. The hard part was getting a decent number of them and making sure that my breeder layout even worked, so I spent quite a few days working on that.



After I got the urge to build out of my system, I went back to exploring. It was Fall now, so I felt confident that I could start exploring the big forest without burning the whole thing to the ground again. I decided to go in from the treetops this time around, making it a little easier to get around without getting lost while allowing me to get a rough idea of where to find spawners and loot chests. And spawners and loot chests I did find, and I gladly went home with a few more shulker boxes in my inventory. I definitely deserved them, those spiders in the forest were mean, especially the poisonous ones!



When I returned home, I realized that my beacon base was only missing a few more blocks to complete level 3. I gathered all my supplies, I even placed all my diamond ores to mine them with my fortune pick, I stole a few more easily accessible blocks from the fourth layer, and finally I had enough to activate the Strength effect. One of the more important effects, finally unlocked! And the fourth layer isn’t missing all that many blocks either, so I’ll hopefully get the full beacon in another year or two.



While I was getting ready to explore my next ruin, Fall turned to Winter. Some might say that exploring dangerous places during Winter is a very bad idea, but for me, it just meant that I had to be extra careful not to get hit; I was still very much intending to explore ruins. This time, I explored the stone labyrinth, killed the local boss, the husk baron, and found a shield that brought me up to 9 armor instead of the 8 I had without it! That shield alone was totally worth the trip, the rest of the loot just made it so much sweeter.



Surprisingly enough, most of that exploration trip went without any issues. I didn’t die, I only got hit 3 or 4 times total, pretty much everything went almost perfectly – until I went into a hole to search for a chest, wanted to use my elytra to fly back out – and placed down the remote instead of using a firework. So once I left the dungeon, I had to walk all the way home, and even build a new bridge to achieve that, with tons of awesome stuff on me, in the middle of Winter. I barely remembered how I could possibly have survived all those years without my elytra, it was absolutely horrible!

But I did get back home safely, and soon enough, I had crafted a new remote and could head out to explore again. My next target was the underground lake with the sea lanterns and mushrooms. Since I only had 2 days of Winter left, I couldn’t explore all of the cave, but I did find a type of spider that I’d never seen before.



Sadly, I found way too many of them. I got killed once and had to retreat because of a lack of healing items the second time. At that point, I only had about half a day left to go back down, so I spent the remainder of the year doing some more fishing instead. I’ll have to go back to exploring the cave first thing next Spring! Although it’ll probably feel a little boring with natural health regeneration turned back on and the difficulty set to easy, but that’s a sacrifice I’ll have to make for the sake of progress 😉

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