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  • Preview of Cave-In

    The Minecraft map Cave-In is a survival map created by the OathBrothers: danaphanous, zann10thousand and samuelInca.

    Deep Beneath the Earth’s Surface–past the barrier of hardened bedrock–lies a world untouched by any player, full of mystery and danger. Untouched until today…

    Surveyors of the Villager Mining Corporation had discovered a mysterious anomaly–an unstable fault in the world’s bedrock leading to the deep recesses below. A team of miners was sent to investigate and explore what had never been seen before, but upon traveling through everything went wrong…

  • Cave-In Day 1

    Originally published: April 20, 2015

    First off, I should mention that this is my second go at this map after I had thoughtlessly deleted my old save when I had to reinstall the game. So I’m already aware of quite a few things concerning the locations and dangers ahead of me.

    Well… I don’t think there is a lot to tell about the first few minutes. I dug, I fell down, I got back up to take the torch, I dug some more, I occasionally got a stray piece of wood… And finally I had enough wood to make a pickaxe. I got to work immediately, and I really have to say, I do love those small things that you only find if you explore a bit more than necessary!

  • Cave-In Day 2

    Originally published: April 21, 2015

    My day started with some more exploring. This time, I unblocked the exit towards the silverfish area, although I didn’t quite dare to go down there. My mission was to gather coal, not to lose all my stuff! So I just looked down the lava falls before I gathered the source block in order to get to the other caves in that area. And, as I had hoped, my distant memories of some coal there turned out to be true, and I couldn’t really complain about a lack of it afterwards. Rather, now the wood was the limiting resource for my torches.

  • Cave-In Day 3

    Originally published: April 22, 2015

    I had some free time before I had to leave the house this morning, so I stood afk inside my home and punched some zombies occasionally. Payment came soon! I really hope the game’s not telling me to do what I think it might be telling me to do. Because I really don’t wanna do that until I’ve got really good stuff!

  • Cave-In Day 4

    Originally published: April 23, 2015

    Day four under the bedrock, and I hate to disappoint, but no cave spiders at all today 😉 I think I may have lead to their extinction.

    One of the first things I just had to do today was getting a lot of arrows. The easiest way I could think of was to build a skeleton farm. No XP farm this time, I just wanted their bones and arrows. That way, I could just let them fall to their death without having to bother with killing any skeletons other than those with feather falling.

  • Cave-In Days 6+7

    Yesterday, I started working on my basement farm which I had already more or less planned out. The real challenge was going to be setting everything up in the game. I started in small steps. The stairs were extended and covered with actual stairs, and on both sides I started with the first indications of what was to come.

  • Cave-In Days 8+9

    These last two days were kinda stressful for me, even though I started things slow. My first mission was to improve my zombie villager spawner by adding a glass wall instead of cobblestone, allowing me to better see what exactly had spawned in there. But since nearly all of my sand had gone into my farm, I needed to get more. So I actually had to return to that place behind my chicken farm, where I had started to dig up but forgotten all about it when I found a cave, and continue my work there. It took me a little while, but I eventually hit bedrock without additional distractions and could dig around in search for a river.

  • Cave-In Day 10

    Alright. As I had already mentioned last time, the next thing on my to-do list was the wither, but I needed a bit more preparation for that fight, especially since I have to admit that the only experience I’ve had with him previously was from videos. I used up quite a lot of books and old tools in order to get Smite on my second diamond sword, but eventually I got lucky and could get the level 17 enchant Smite IV on my sword directly. I figured that this would do, so I was only missing a couple of potions.