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  • Cave-In S2 #1

    The beginning… Well, everyone who knows Cave-In will be able to tell what that was like: Digging, digging and, finally, some digging. Eventually I got the wood for a pickaxe and could gather some cobblestone. Here’s where this playthrough slowly starts to go down a different path than usual playthroughs. I couldn’t just make a stone pickaxe and stone sword, no. If you remember my rules, I actually need smooth stone to craft stone tools! So I had to gather more stone than usual, make a furnace and sacrifice my only fence posts as fuel. The amount of fence nearby actually limited me to a sword and pickaxe. While I had enough sticks left for an axe, I had no way of getting enough stone smelted. Good thing that axes are not necessary, even though they’re incredibly nice to have.

  • Cave-In S2 #2

    After the desaster in the spider nest, I decided that failing so much was definitely not an option anymore. Normal people might wait with the challenge areas until they have better equipment. Fortunately, I’m anything but normal! My next expedition lead me straight to another challenge area – the silverfish. Last time, I had used soul sand to suffocate the little buggers. This time, I have no nether access, so soul sand was not an option. So I went with limiting the spawn area and stopping those silverfish that had already hidden in stone from coming back out and getting at me. Cobblestone slabs it was!


  • Cave-In S2 #3

    I’ll have to be honest. What with Exiled going public soon and the pre-release version already having been sent to certain youtubers (and me), I lost interest in my hardcore run. I still intended to wrap things up here, however this only included rushing everything to escape the bedrock trap, without any unnecessary exploring.